Monday, November 30, 2009

YouTube Copyright Issue - Account Standing, Strikes

copyright account standing status strikes

Account Status: Copyright
Your account is not in good standing.

You receive copyright strikes when we are notified by a third party that a video of yours infringes their copyright. Accumulation of three strikes may result in the termination of your account. Please visit our Copyright Tips page to learn about copyright. If there are any videos on your account for which you are not certain you have the necessary rights, please delete them now.

If you believe a claim was made in error, you can also access references on fair use from the Copyright Tips page, and find the instructions for submitting a counternotification in our Help Center.

The strikes you have received are listed below. For your reference, a copy of each warning message has also been sent to the email associated with your account.
Strike 1:
Strike 2:

So this is the problem: I don't have any strikes, but my account is still considered not in good standing. Grrrr.

***If you have a complaint, email me at and I will probably post it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

YouTube's New Channel Layout

So I know there has been a lot of fuss about the new YouTube channel layout; many YouTubers have posted videos showing disapproval of the mandatory switch in July 2009.
HOWEVER, having personally seen the differences between the two channel layouts and options, I can tell you I like the new one a whole lot better. First of all, it looks more trendy. Another reason is because the new layout will be more profitable for partners. And adhering to my recommendations made in previous blog entries, YouTube has made the "last sign on" on the new channels an optional feature for people to see.
YouTube has also made another one of my recommendations a reality: combining Google Analytics with the YouTube videos.
So, in conclusion, YouTube is making much needed improvements. Shying away from tradition, YouTube is doing a great job doing things right at the moment!

***If you have a complaint, email me at and I will probably post it.