Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How the heck do I contact YouTube?

Contact YouTube link
It sits down there at the bottom right of every YouTube page: Contact. It makes it look so easy. Just click on it, that's all you have to do.... WRONG!

You click on it and it give you a whole bunch of stuff. Most are links which guide you back to a help section or a group forum.

But you want to talk to a human. Oh, look, at the bottom: there is a mailing address and a phone number. Great!

YouTube / Google business address
So you call the number given: 650-253-0000

Unfortunately, it's not that easy because you just called the Google Company, not YouTube. yes, they are the same, but you want to talk to someone specifically about YouTube.

Press 5 for customer service live. Again, this is not a place where you can just ask someone a question and get a simple answer...

Basically, YouTube - and Google for that matter - are impossible to talk to. Just accept it. I can count the number of times I have actually been personally contacted by YouTube/Google on one hand.

Why is this? Why is YouTube and Google so bad at personal interaction with people? Because YouTube/Google has so many customers and is unable to handle every individual request, you say? NO! Those may be true, but that is not the reason. The reason Google and YouTube never return emails and never pick up phone calls is because YouTube and Google are run by an evil computer that is trying to take over the internet, one site at a time (just like NPR is run by a giant mega computer, but that is another blog for another day).

So there you have it. Hope this was an informative read for you.

***If you have a complaint, email me at and I will probably post it.

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  1. That's funny, their motto is 'don't be evil'
    wonder why you think they are evil?