Wednesday, March 25, 2009

YouTube Autoplay on Profiles and Embeds

YouTube layout properties

Have you ever opened up someone's Myspace and after 5 minutes of loading all the songs and videos, it starts playing all a bunch of stuff at one time? It sounds like when someone turns on all the radios at Best Buy.

YouTube hasn't gotten this bad yet, but the "autoplay" feature on Partner profiles is a step toward that. I'm talking about when you click on someone's profile and the user's featured video starts playing instantly.

Partners with YouTube have this option. And true: Partners have the choice to turn that off on their own personal profile, but they have no control over others'.

Why can't us users get control of this instead of having it independently controlled? Meaning, why can't I just have the option: autoplay "on" or "off"

(Yah, I know: this post didn't really talk about "embeds" as mentioned in the title... the same applies to them....)

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