Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Registering Multiple YouTube Accounts

Registering a YouTube account
Right now as it stands, you can register as many YouTube accounts you want under the same email address...

For example, I just registered all of these accounts today:

Call me a name waster or whatever, but I have a lot of YouTube accounts. Cybersquatting, which is collecting valued domain names in order to sell them at an inflated price, is only illegal when it comes to actual URL address, not sub-domains. Read more about Cybersquatting at Wikipedia.

It might surprise you that I have over 100 accounts registered to one email address. Don't believe me? See the list at,

Are registering these YouTube accounts good business skills or proof of a creative project? No, they are probably a waste of time. But you never know...

***If you have a complaint, email me at and I will probably post it.


  1. While I can't say I'm down with the concept, I hope you're practicing safe squatting. Make yourself reachable, which it seems you've done for your example sites. I'm getting burned right now by a name waster who took my organization's name and provides no way of getting in touch with the account holder. No one benefits from that.

  2. You can no longer do this. Now there's only 1 YouTube account allowed per gmail account, which is a total pain in the ass for those with a legitimate reason for doing so. :(