Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YouTube Partners - InVideo Advertisingon external websites, like Metacafe

YouTube invideo advertising setting

OK, so one really really frustrating thing for YouTube Partners and Advertisers is that free-loader sites, like Metacafe, have found a way to embed YouTube videos so that the InVideo advertisements won't show up. Even worst perhaps, Metacafe does not even link up the "Affiliate Submitter;" instead it merely says the user name and links just to the YouTube main page.

Now, YouTube might be fine with this because it links to their main page, where they can suck just about anyone in. However, as for Partners, well they hate it! Many are considering making embeds not allowed because - while it allows for more publicity - it is taking potential revenues away from them.

One way to get around this is put links to your channel or homepage in the original YouTube description; that way when the site's "bot" comes across your video and copies and paste the description, at least your URL will be there. Or another way to combat this: edit the Metacafe description so it does link to your account, as shown below:
YouTube on Metacafe

What would make me most happy is if YouTube made an option that allowed or blocked certain sites from embedding your video. For example, if you don't want you video embedded on Metacafe, then you can block Well, that's my idea

***If you have a complaint, email me at and I will probably post it.

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